Gym Time BodyBuilding Fitness Wall Clock

Gym Time BodyBuilding Fitness Wall Clock

Gym Time BodyBuilding Fitness Wall Clock

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Diamond Cut Muscle

Gym Time BodyBuilding Fitness Wall Clock

Are you looking for a nicely designed wall clock? This could be your chance to get one. This Wall Clock is used quality giclee print which has vivid colors that will maintain their color for years to come. The face is printed on an acrylic plate. The edges are nicely finished. You will appreciate the solid quality and feel of this beautiful clock. It can even be a perfect decoration for you room or shelves if you want. You can use it at home or the office, or wherever you wish to put it. This piece makes a unique accent as a useful, decorative timepiece.


Two Size Available

12 inch: 30cm x 30 cm

15 inch: 38cm x 38 cm

Made of Acrylic Plastic with Colorful Printed Requires one AA battery (not included) Battery box is not covered.

Silent Movement Clock Mechanism

The high-quality quartz movement mechanism guarantees precise time, quiet sweep second hand provide a good sleep and work environment.


Product Display

This home decor accessory serves purpose of decorating the wall of your home or office; Fits well in all types of rooms, from hotel lobbies to typical living rooms.


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