Exercise & Fitness Bodybuilding Jewelry

Exercise & Fitness Bodybuilding Jewelry - Diamond Cut Muscle Jewelry

Exercise & Fitness Bodybuilding Jewelry

Exercise & Fitness Bodybuilding Champion Jewelry

Dumbbell, a necessary body building apparatus for every fitness enthusiast. Diamond Cut Muscle has launched this dumbbell pendant for customers who like body building or who is just starting to do tough workouts. Inlaid with CZ stones and plated with white gold, this dumbbell pendant features a delicate outfit but a strong inner. If you are a fitness enthusiast, this is a piece showing your strength. If you are looking for some special gift for your friend, boyfriend or husband, this is definitely a perfect choice! All of our stone are Micro Pave setting, not glued, not easy to drop.


Our Jewelry Features:

In-kind Photo Shoots, Lasting shine, Perfect gift with fashion and quality.


They have the best weight training gloves, well worth the price, The owners are very knowledgeable about the products they offer.

Erica H.

These gloves are amazing and so is your service! And I love that I can get them! My husband bought some Gloves for him and our son and I liked them so much I ordered a pair. I have a very stressful management job and using your wonderful gloves in the gym is a great stress relief for me. I am a Very satisfied customer! 

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