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A Comprehensive Guide to the 2023 Olympia Qualified Athletes

The Olympia is one of the most prestigious bodybuilding competitions in the world, showcasing the best athletes in the industry. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the 2023 Olympia-qualified athletes, highlighting their achievements, strengths, and potential to take home the coveted title. From seasoned veterans to rising stars, this year's competition promises to be a thrilling display of physique and determination.

The Olympia and its Significance

In the world of bodybuilding, one event stands tall as the pinnacle of strength, power, and sheer athleticism - The Olympia competition. With a history spanning back to 1965, this iconic event has transcended borders, cultures, and generations, solidifying its position as the holy grail of bodybuilding contests.

The Olympia owes its inception to the visionary Joe Weider, a passionate bodybuilding enthusiast who dreamt of creating a platform to crown the world's finest bodybuilder. Thus, the inaugural "Mr. Olympia" took place, and the first-ever winner, Larry Scott, etched his name into the annals of history.

Over the years, The Olympia has evolved, expanding its reach and significance. Initially a male-dominated competition, it later embraced women's bodybuilding and fitness, breaking barriers and promoting gender equality within the sport. This bold step not only inspired a new generation of female athletes but also amplified the event's global recognition.

At the heart of The Olympia's enduring influence lies its ability to bring together an awe-inspiring congregation of superhuman physiques. Athletes from every corner of the world converge upon the grand stage, showcasing their sculpted muscles and unmatched dedication to their craft. For participants, it represents the culmination of years of rigorous training, strict nutrition, and unwavering discipline.

The Olympia's significance resonates far beyond the glitz and glamour of the competition floor. It has become a symbol of aspiration and determination for countless bodybuilding enthusiasts worldwide. Every year, fans eagerly anticipate the event, eager to witness their idols perform gravity-defying routines and iconic poses. The competition's immense following has turned bodybuilding into a global movement, inspiring people to adopt healthier lifestyles and strive for physical excellence.

Beyond the spotlight, The Olympia also serves as a breeding ground for innovation in bodybuilding techniques, training methodologies, and nutritional strategies. Athletes and coaches share insights, pushing the boundaries of human potential and elevating the sport to unprecedented heights.

Amidst its soaring fame, The Olympia remains deeply anchored in principles of sportsmanship and camaraderie. It upholds the values of fair play and respect, fostering an atmosphere of healthy competition and mutual admiration among athletes.

In conclusion, The Olympia competition stands tall as an unrivaled powerhouse of the bodybuilding world celebrated globally for its storied history, transcendent influence, and unyielding dedication to excellence. As its legacy endures, it continues to inspire a new generation of bodybuilders, forging ahead toward a future where strength, passion, and determination converge to redefine human potential.

2023 Olympia Qualified Athletes


Brett Wilkin (USA)
Hadi Choopan (Iran)
Derek Lunsford (USA)
Nick Walker (USA)
Brandon Curry (USA)
Mamdouh Elssbiay (Egypt)
Samson Dauda (United Kingdom)
Behrooz Tabani (Iran)
Tony Burton (USA)
Ross Flanigan (USA)
Iain Valliere (Canada)
Michal Krizanek (Slovakia)
Phil Clahar (USA)
Andrea Presti (Italy)
Hassan Mostafa (Egypt)

2023 212 OLYMPIA 
Felipe Fierro (Chile)
Shaun Clarida (USA)
Angel Calderon Frias (Spain)
Kamal Elgargni (Libya)
Ahmad Ashkanani (Kuwait)
Felipe Moraes (Brazil)
Kerrith Bajjo (USA)
Piotr Borecki (Poland)
Andrei Melnikov (Russia)
Roman Iushchenko (Ukraine)
John Jewett (USA)


Woilid Baatout (France)
Chris Bumstead (Canada)
Ramon Rocha Queiroz (Brazil)
Urs Kalecinski (Germany)
Mike Sommerfeld (Germany)
Eric Brown (USA)
Daniil Famponte (USA)
Andrei Kozhokar (Russia)
Michael Daboul (United Kingdom)
German Pastor (Spain)
Eric Wildberger Lisboa (Brazil)
Samuel Paquin (Canada)
Damien Patrick (USA)
Damian Kuffel (Poland)
Vahid Badpei (Iran)
Laszlo Kiraly (Hungary)
Antoine Loth (Spain)
Carlos Dommar (USA)
Fabio Junio Ramos Vale (Brazil)
John Le (Canada)







Mehdi Kabbadj (Morocco)
Ming Chieh Tsai (Taiwan)
Kahlia Ramzi (Algeria)
Corey Morris (USA)
Erin Banks (USA)
Brandon Hendrickson (USA)
Diogo Montenegro (Brazil)
Mahmood Al-Maghrabi (Bahrain)
Emanuel Hunter (USA)
Mauro Fialho Garcia, Jr (Spain)
Carlos DeOliveira (Brazil)
Benquil Marigny (USA)
Riccardo Croci (Italy)
Derrick Stevenson (USA)
Ryan Terry (United Kingdom)
Emmanuel Costa (Brazil)
Daniel Ammons (USA)
Andre Ferguson (USA)
Vinicius Mateus Veiro Lima (Brazil)
Vitor Chaves (Brazil)
Joseph Lee (USA)
Victor Manuel Ramirez Chavez (Costa Rica)
Bhuwan Chauhan (India)
Sidy Pouye (Spain)
Yoon Sung Lee (South Korea)
Jason Huynh (USA)
Anderson Arruda (Brazil)
Jeremy Potvin (USA)


Andrea Shaw (USA)
Angela Yeo (USA)
Helle Trevino (USA)
Sherry Priami (USA)
Natalia Kovaleva (USA)
Julia Whitesel (USA)
Alcione Barreto (Brazil)
MayLa Ash (USA)






Missy Truscott (USA)
Jaclyn Baker (USA)
Ariel Khadr (USA)
Darrian Tissenbaum (USA)
Oksana Grishina (Russia)
Tiffany Chandler (USA)
Amber Steffen (USA)
Sara Kovach (USA)





Cydney Gillon (USA)
Jessica Reyes Padilla (Puerto Rico)
Lola Montez (Canada)
Bojana Vasiljevic (USA)
Donya Jackson (USA)
Gabriela Consolmagno (USA)
Madison Dinges (USA)
Cherish Richardson (USA)
Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz Pereira (USA)
Natalia Soltero (Mexico)
Jennifer Zienert (Germany)
Kristen McGregor (Jamaica)
Adela Ondrejovicova (Slovakia)
Gina Palma (USA)















Jibin Park (South Korea)
Ivanna Escandar (Spain)
Amanda Marques (Brazil)
Phoebe Hagan (United Kingdom)
Maureen Blanquisco (Norway)
Jennifer Dorie (Canada)
Ashley Kaltwasser (USA)
Nittaya Kongthun (Thailand)
Alessia Facchin (Italy)
Lauralie Chapados (Canada)
Brenda Farias (Brazil)
Aimee Leann Delgado (USA)
Eszter Ozcella (Hungary)
Hyo Jung Kim (South Korea)
Vania Auguste (USA)
Romina Basualdo (USA)
Savannah Watchman (USA)
Zsofia Reka Molnar (Hungary)
Elisa Pecini (Brazil)
Sierra Swann (USA)
Reijuana Harley (USA)
Cristobalina Pajares (Spain)
Eli Fernandez (Mexico)
Jessica Wilson (USA)
Jordan Fisher (USA)
Jil Meret Schmitz (Thailand)
Areum Song (South Korea)
Lexus Redmond (USA)
Tatiana Lanovenko (Russia)
Dahya Jeon (South Korea)
Ariel Barley (USA)
Tara Grier (USA)



Natalia Abraham Coelho (USA)
Sarah Villegas (USA)
Brooke Walker (USA)
Anne-Lorraine Mohn (France)
Pamela Canfield (USA)
Elena Aviles Romero (Spain)
Emily Schubert (USA)
Emilija Martic (Canada)
Romana Skotzen (United Kingdom)
Zana Benta (Brazil)
Caroline Alves Dos Santos (Brazil)
Amy McKown (USA)





Francielle Mattos (Brazil)
Isabelle Nunes (Brazil)
Angela Borges (Brazil)
Kassandra Gillis (Canada)
Alexis Adams (USA)
Renata Guaraciaba (Brazil)
Amanda Burnett (USA)
Giselle Machado (Brazil)
Tefani Sam Razhi (USA)
Sandra Colorado Acal (Spain)
Lili Dong (China)
Leonida Ciobu (Moldova)
Frida Paulsen Stern (USA)
Lisa Meiswinkel (Germany)
Johanna Calcano (USA)



Harold Kelley (USA)
Gabriele Andriulli (Italy)
Antoni Khadraoui (Algeria)
Josue Fabiano Barreto Monteiro (Brazil)
Mohammadreza Tabrizi Nouri (Canada)
Tyler Brey (USA)


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